Hi everyone.

I would like to have some baseline performance numbers before I migrate to
OES2SP2 from NetWare 6.5.
I tried iometer-2006_07_27.netware.i386-bin, and
iometer-2006.07.27.win32.i386-setup.exe for the Windows workstation that is
the controller.
I launch IOMeter on Windows, and then load dynamo on NetWare.
The dynamo server appears in IOMeter.I then select the Disk worker, select
one disk, select the default test and them run.
The server then goes to 88% CPU utilization but no disk request. I let it
run for more than an hour, it doesn't stop.
In IOMeter I then stop the test.
This causes the server to go to 100% CPU utilization, and IOMeter stops
responding. I wait 10 minutes. Nothing changes. I have to kill IOMeter in
windows and reset the NetWare server.

I also tried the latest version of IOMeter, but It doesn't work with that
version of NetWare.

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?
Or recommend another tool?

Thanks in advanced, TA.