Does anyone know if it is possible to append text to URLs submitted to
certain websites using BorderManager 3.7, as discussed below?

From: Dale Mahalko
To: Google Support
Subject: Force Google to use maximum SafeSearch?
Date: Tue, 06 Apr 2004 14:23:44 -0500

Is there a way to force Google to always search using the highest degree
of SafeSearch filtering?

I receive many complaints about google searches from staff, where students
doing seemingly harmless web searches like just merely "001" will turn up
porn right on the first page of Google Images.

It is apparantly not possible for our filtering provider 8e6/Xstop to
catch such material, beyond doing categorical blocks of google keyword
searches, and denying all searches with certain keywords. This is a very
crude method of filtering, and besides how are they to know that "001"
turns up porn?

I do see that specifically choosing Google's "maximum safe search" setting
does block out the porn, but there is no apparant way for me as a network
administrator to set these Google preferences globally, on a site-wide
basis that cannot be overridden by the searchers.

Is there some hidden configuration tool I don't know about that can offer
such global capabilities to me as the school administrator? Or, does
Google have a way to track certain IP addresses or ranges, and always do
maximum safe-searching for users from that list?

I can't be the only one interested in this. There are probably hundreds or
even thousands of other public Internet-access providers that would like
such global control over the safe-search settings available to their



From: Avni Shah
Date: Tuesday - April 27, 2004 7:57 PM
Subj: Re: Force Google to use maximum SafeSearch?

Dear Dale,

Thank you for contacting us about the problem. I apologize for any
concern Google may have caused.

As you can imagine, filtering in an automated way is quite difficult.
It is very difficult to write a program that can catch all offensive
webpages and pictures. On the flip side, with 4 billion documents
and 880 million images, we cannot use human editors to find offensive
content. Thus, our filter is not perfect.

The safest setting that Google has is "Strict filtering" which can be
turned on through our preferences page:
If you select Strict filtering here you will get a very strict filter.
Sadly, a lot of the relevant pictures are also filtered when this is
in use, and it occasionally lessens the quality of our results.

If your school deploys a proxy on your web traffic, it may be possible
to configure your proxy to append "&safe=strict" to all requests to This will cause strict safesearch to be used
regardless of the preferences page setting.

I would like to apprise you that Google is currently researching an
image search product that might be more suitable for schoolage
children. Should that research become a product, I will notify you
when it is available.

Avni Shah
Product Manager,