Hi there, me again! I've got an issue where i am trying to remote control managed devices from our helpdesk pc's through the ZCM browser but all i get is a connection failed error. All of the remote managment features etc are working perfectly fine if i am doing them directly from the server, eg logged into server 2008 and then logged into the ZCM IE console. I have got the NZRViewer.exe installed on the workstations, but still no joy. The scenario i have is that the server and the helpdesk pc's are all behind a firewall(all in the same network) and my managed devices are at various other locations outside of the firewall. We also use a Proxy for our systems behind the firewall. There seems to be some communication issue when trying to do it from the PC, but i'm not sure what it is. I have tried setting the 'route through proxy' option when doing the remote connection and this actually does briefly say 'connection established' before then failing. Help would be much appreciated. I have ensured that local firewall's etc on the helpdesk pc's are disabled, it does seem to be some sort of routing thing maybe? Sorry, server is Win Server 2008, chelpdesk & managed devices are XP. Thanks in advance Mike.