I had a problem with a corrupt .trustee_database.xml-file when moving a SAN-Lun from a physical Nw6.5sp7 to a virtual OES2sp2. The symptoms were some of these:

- NCP Error updating trustee XML file (Rename File 1)
- ScanBasicDirectoryTreeEvent Error Parsing Trustee Data File invalid IRM path
- AsyncTrusteeWorkEvent Error -601 Parsing Trustee Data File invalid user


CIFS: ERROR: CODIR: ScanBasicDirectoryTreeEvent Error Parsing Trustee Data File invalid path = <PATH>

At first migrating the .xml-file with right format to ._NETWARE-folder seemed to work but when accessing files through CIFS then trustee-chain was broken.

We could establish that rights given through the OU in eDir worked fine even for CIFS-sharing but otherwise given rights through the ._NETWARE/.trustee_database.xml didn't have effect.

Did a rebuild with ravsui and ncpcon but nothing worked. Even migrating metadata again with metamig and before that removing the .trustee_database.xml-file did not work.

The problem however was that when recreating the .trustees_database.xml-file there were also some nss-attributes set on the file preventing the system to update it when working with the trustees. I could see that it didn't update because the date wouldn't change as it did on the .trustee_work.dat-file.
I then removed the rename inhibit-flag and also delete inihibit in ConsoleOne, changed a trustee-assignment to see if it changed date, which it did.. then rebooted and the problems were gone. No more errors in cifs.log about faulty paths and no more error in ncpserv.log either.

At first i also thought it could be the paths containing swedish characters but that could have been a problem i solved by running metamig in console instead of Putty which gave me a nicer .xml-file than before (thanks to a tip from my colleague Niclas Ekstedt @ Atea).. So be sure to run the meta-migration on the console so you won't get issues with characters and long paths.

I hope i got all the details needed. Posting this because i had difficulties finding the solution online.