We are trying to push a multicast image with ZCM10.3 to unregistered devices as directed in the documentation at:

Novell Documentation

So far we have:

Created multicast bundle for testing that distributes 3 images for our GX 755s with the trigger being 2 clients or 2 minutes.

Created Preboot hardware rule to assign the above bundle to unregistered machines with a product name containing 755 on our test network.

At this point I boot the 2 755s and in PXE manu select option 1. The machines boot into the imaging software and show in the blue workspace the following messages.

Multicast Session Name: GX755 Multicast Set
Multicast address:

Waiting for session master to start


Looking everywhere I could online pointed to two common solutions for this hang up.

1) Multicast is not routed across a router.

I moved the gx755s onto the same lan segment as the server. No improvement. I also set up a server session manually and was able to multicast a single file image. I assume this is not the issue with the session not starting.

2) Firewall stops multicast

I had no firewall turned on but just for grins I turned on the firewall and added exceptions for the to programs listed which were novell-pbserv.exe and zmgcast.exe. It did not help the situation. I turned the firewall back off. I assume the firewall can not be the issue.

I think this is the way this is supposed to work but for some reason the server never kicks the station even though it logs the fact the unregistered devices received the multicast bundle as a job. The triggers do not seem to work.