Hi currently i have follow problem with iPrint Client 5.0 on Mac (OS X), Windows 7 and OES SP2, the installation of the printer works fine on MACs and Winows7 (if the *.inf files is not edited ;-) )

i have insert some information in the location (l) and descripoint field, on the printer-objects, but if i install a printer over iPrint i dont see one of that information on the MACs, so if an user install more the one printer, he must know were each printer is located, with 2 installed printers it is ok, but some users use more than 5 printers and then it's not comfortable for user, even in applications you don't see that information (location or description).
Any ideas to change that?

Windows 7
Here i have the problem, that you don't see in Printer and Faxes the location (Windows XP it's the comment field, that does't exists in Windows 7)
If user print over an application, you can see the location and description information, which is insert on affected iPrint-object.

Long story short, how can i see the location or descrition of an iprint-printer on MAC and how can i see that information under printer and faxes in Windows 7 :-)

Thanks in advanced for your support.