Per Alex Evan at Novell, RIM will open up the beta for BES 5.0.1 to the
public this week

You will need an account at the BlackBerry Beta Zone, or email

I didn't see anything yet this morning in the Beta Zone for the public beta
but I know the private beta for GW BES is coming along really well. The
webdesktop function for the user takes a LOT of admin duties off the
administrator such as allowing the user to select the address books they
would like to sync (multiple ones too!) and allows the user to re-activate
to BES and re-send service books.

Per Alex Evan BES 5 for GW includes:

a.. Full SOAP integration (GW Client no longer required)
b.. Taking Personal Information Management (PIM) to the Next Level
a.. View Attachments in a Meeting Request and/or Calendar Entry
b.. Forward Calendar Appointments
c.. Multiple Personal Address Book synchronization
c.. New Web-based Administration Console (BAS)
d.. Improved scalability
e.. Better Mail Management
a.. Flag for follow up support
b.. Email folder management
f.. High Availability with Automated Failover
g.. Mobile Application Management
h.. 35 New IT Policies (Over 450 in total)
i.. Role-based Access Control
j.. Job Management, Scheduling, and Throttling
k.. Powerful Migration Tools (Enterprise Transporter)
l.. Open Document Format (.odt, .ods, .odp) support
m.. Remote File Explorer
a.. Securely access remote windows network file shares from anywhere!
b.. View, edit, save and email documents from your BlackBerry smartphone
c.. Leverages BlackBerry Attachment handling as well as Dataviz
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