Problem: Workstations show a slow response time (even when working on local files) as long as computer is plugged into the network, after pointing workstation to use BM DNS Proxy.

Two servers:
BM 3.7 SP2 on NW 5.1 SP6
BM 3.8 on 6.5 SP1

Setup BM DNS Proxy on both servers
Windows 2000 machines get DNS Servers via DHCP

After pointing users to the DNS Proxy, users complained that their workstations were slow. DNS lookups worked fine. I tried opening local files on my computer and it opened much faster if I unplugged my ethernet plug. Opened an Excel file and tried to bold a cell - it took nearly 10 seconds to respond. After that I could bold other cells no problem for a while. Users on other machines were getting slow responses opening other files (FileMaker Pro) or even when highlighting cells in Excel or printing.

After doing some trouble shooting I tried redirecting the DNS back to our old Macintosh DNS server. Everything returned back to normal.

Weird...any ideas?