I have a Novell 6.0 sp5, eDir 8.7.3, GroupWise 7.0.2, Zenworks 1.0 environment that I need to upgrade to SLES 10 sp3, OES2 sp2, GroupWise 8, Zenworks 7 sp1 all to new hardware (Zenworks will not be a migrate but a new install. We don't have much settings on it). If I want to keep the same tree and add the new servers to it, what would be the order to upgrade? I got these steps from a website but I am not sure where GroupWise stands and how to move my users:

1. Prepare current environment
2. OES installation / proper NSS
3. LDAP authentication for local user access
4. Data migration
5. DNS/DHCP migration
6. Zenworks Desktop Managment
7. Netware server decommission

How do I move the users over? Do I install the GroupWise 8 on the new server and then move the users over? Would the users on the new system be able to use the resources on the old system since of course I won't be able to move everyone and everything at one time. I am confused. What if I want to create a new Tree? How do I create a trust between two trees so they can communication and the users to use the resources? How the steps are for this?

Thank you