My single GroupWise 7.03HP1 server is running on NetWare 6.5 SP8. I upgraded MTA/POA/GWIA on the GW server to GW801HP1 without problem. When I ran the webaccess setup.exe, I told it to create the WEBAC80A object name and when prompted to enter the eDirectory user name, I use "gwwebusr" (note that the eDirectory ID is under the context .org which is the same as the GW domain context.

When it got to the point to create the webac80a eDir object, it would prompt me to login as I entered "gwwebusr" again. I would get the installation summary. In C1, I saw the webac80a object is created. However, when I tried to access the webac80a properties, I got error "WebAccess Admin could not initialize Flaim databases. Tried to replace the gwac.dc in the webac80a folder, no gwcache.db and rebuild domain database. Still got the same error when accessing the webac80a object in C1.

When I ran strtweb.ncf, webaccess won't load. I notice there is I am missing the wpgate\webac80a\comint.cfg file.

I have tried to delete webac70a and webac80a objects in C1, told it to delete the folder structures, ran the install again but same result.

Can someone tell me how to install WebAccess 801HP on NetWare 6.5 server.