I am working on migrating 4 physical Netware 6.5 SP7 servers to 4 vmWare guests running OES2 SP2 on SLES 10 SP3. My vmWare environment consists of 2 Dell R710 ESXi servers that boot from an embedded SD Card. All the storage for the VMs are on an EqualLogic PS6000s SAN. I've created/deleted many VMs on this setup while testing and have not been able to figure out how best to handle large datastores.

Currently, I have a couple 1.5TB volumes setup on the SAN and added to the ESXi hosts as VMFS. I need these large datastores because our file servers hold a LOT of data. This setup works, for now but I fear that in the future it may bite me in the rear should we need more storage.

Here are my concerns/questions.

1. If I got the VMFS route, I do not have an ability to simply increase the size of the volume on the SAN and have it also increased within the VM. This, at least, is what I am told my vmWare folks.

2. When using VMFS I lose some storage space because of the block size for such large vmdk's.

3. I have the option to use iSCSI from within the VM but I suppose I would lose all my multipathing from ESXi to the SAN. Any thoughts on this?

Thanks for any and all help.