If I set mailbox size limits on GroupWise users to make them keep their mailboxes cleaned-up by either deleting or manually archiving messages in order to continue to be able to send new messages, what will happen if they do not have enough disk space available to archive messages, or run out during a manual archive process? Will the archive process fail, until they delete some of the archived messages or get more disk space? OR, Will they encounter a catastrophic database corruption issue because there is not enough disk space? OR, Will something else happen?

(Note: I am not talking about restricting the amount of disk space for the GroupWise System or Post Office, only the server disk space (on another volume/server separate from the GroupWise System) allowed for GroupWise Archives. My initial thought is for the user to be allowed a total of 2 Gig of space for mail and archives, probably 500 Meg for mailbox and 1.5 Gig for GW Archive.)

Is there an amount of space restriction that makes sense, notwithstanding records retention requirements and other policy rules? Is there a rule of thumb size that should be allocated, per user?

Thanks, in advance, for sharing your thoughts and assistance on this.