We are ready to give up with ZCM.

we were the first in Australia that we know of to put 10.0 in, found out it didn't support AD schema extended with exchange, got stuck in the agent screw up and haven't been able to get past that with that zone.

we have been building up a new zone based on 10.2.2 and have had the device serial numbers go missing, device models go missing from the inventory and now can't even add a user source due to an issue (all have SR's logged).

we are very afraid of going to 10.3 based on previous experience with ZCM updates, seeing that it was initially pulled wasn't a surprise and we even had beers riding on it.

We are part of a multi-national and the rest of the company (biggest one in europe) don't have a single instance on Novell in their environment.

I'm just about ready to go to my manager and say, lets drop our netware cluster, lets drop eDirectory and dump ZCM and go the microsoft shop, hell we even get it all cheaper than the novell tools anyway.

Can anyone at all say they are happy with their 10.3a ZCM zone ? and have it working with out having to implement "work arounds" ?

looking for some positive answers to keep the Novell candle burning, other wise I'll be skilling up on other deployment tools.