Don't know if this is the correct forum but here we go. We have lately been having problems with some users that cannot log into eDir cause they get msg "You are logged into too many workstations".

Windows XP SP3 with latest critical/security patches from MS.
Netware Client 4.91 SP3 with patch kit A
NW 6.5 Sp8
eDir 8.7310

Most of our clients has 3-6 logins and it works most of the time. But lately a few of them has been getting msg above and can't login. Our temp workaround is set logins to 10-20 depending on how many they need.

BUT. Some of these clients are autologon users available on only ONE machine! And when i look on the userobject they have many connections from the same IP but different ports... Seems like most clients with this has been on some wireless connections (we see that on what subnet they are on).

Anyone seen this or know what to do to solve it?