we are running BM 3.8 with Support pack 1, and GW 6.5 on NW 6.5.

We want to scan the incoming mail using Symantec AntiVirus for SMTP Gateways
and we have installed it on private address XX (inside the firewall).

GW is on public address YY, so the idea is to use Generic TCP Proxy on port 25 to relay the mail to private address XX.

- We have added the line AllowGTCPProxyToUsePort25=1 to proxy.cfg
- we define addresses in NWAdmin

In Proxy Console (under Display configured addresses and services) is listed:

Generic TCP Forwarder at TCP/IP address YY:25 for XX:25

But under Applications Proxies - Display Generic proxy statistics - Number of TCP Requests : 0.

And the mails are coming in directly to YY:25.

On the same address YY we are using npsProxy v0.1.9c (for some other ports which require authentication via NPS) and it works fine.

Where are we wrong?