Good Day Everyone,

Recently (since 3 day ago) when I create a new user account in C1, the corresponding mailbox in GW will be created briefly but deleted automatically. These are the steps to repeat the problem:

1. Created a new eDir account with the checkbox checked to create a new GW mailbox for the user.

2. The GW mailbox will be created and that I can right click Properties -> Groupwise tab to see the GW object and settings.

3. The same GW mailbox will also show up on the POA User List so life seems fine up until this point.

4. About 5 minutes later the same mailbox disappeared from the POA User List.

5. Right clicking Properties on the NDS object in C1 gives this error:

The GroupWise information for this object does not exist. A possible cause is that replication is still in progress.

6. Clicking [OK] on the error above opens up the Properties window, but the Gorupwise tab is missing so I can't even re-create the GW mailbox.

7. I left it overnight but it still shows the same error.

8. Furthermore I tried the 'Associate object' trick per Novell's support doc but I can't even see the GW object that was created for the user in question.

9. The server is running fine otherwise (e.g. CPU, RAM, Storage are all fine; old mailboxes are working fine as well).

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.