as stated in 08/2009 "creatItemsRequest()" ist not part of the schema for some
reason. When importing the wsdl into VS.NET this (partial) class 'createItemsRequest'
does not get (automated) created; even not with the GW802 schema. - A bug was created
by Preston.

Ok, I've played with the schema and created the class "createItemsRequest" manually.
I can successfully send this request and get back a response with status.code=0, but
the expected <id> elements are missing in that response and my items (personal
appointments) are NOT created....

I'd like to use "createItemsRequest" cause I've to create several items for different
users multiple times; using "createItemRequest" or "sendItemRequest" for creating
multiple items produces much more traffic IME.

My traces are attached.
Currently I'm runnig against GW 8.0.1 with the 8.0.2 schema; do you think updating to
8.0.2 will solve the problem?

Any other hints to get this method running?