Unfortunately I'm still on OES2 SP1, so I'm limited to only one directory exclusion (SP2 adds 7 more exclusions)

We are getting duplicate files because we have 3-5 directories that we rsync from our main office to our regional servers nightly.

I've excluded the main directory (that holds the bulk of the replicated data) from the DST, so that solves that issue.

I'm thinking that in this case, since we don't backup the data in the regions that we sync out (because we have the "master" set here in the main office that IS Backed up), that I should probably configure my DST policy for Duplicate files to behave thusly:

Delete duplicate files from the shadow area.

Any things that may be wrong with my thinking?

Right now, we only have one policy that find stuff that hasn't been ACCESSED in over 1 year.

and we move that to the shadow volume.