I am trying to migrate our iPrint services from Netware 6.5 SP8 cluster resource to a fully patched OES2 server. The problem I am running into deals with the ACL's not exporting to the PSMINFO.XML file. We have two iPrint services in the cluster and both are exhibiting the same symptoms.

When the cluster server runs SYS:/ndps/psminfo.nlm it generates a PSMINFO.LOG file and a PSMINFO.XML file. The first printer in the list is correct with all ACLs and all other information. The second printer and every printer after the first does not contain any ACLs location. I have verified that the individual printer is not causing the problem by deleting that printer object and running SYS:/ndps/psminfo.nlm again to generate a new xml file. All attempts produce the same result where the first printer exported is correct and the rest do not have any ACLs or location.

Looking through the PSMINFO.LOG file I noticed this in there:

Processing printer : house_multi4
Processing printer : house_fax1
Error: DS Object not found: †搼㹮乃栽畯敳晟硡ⰱ問䠽畯楳杮伬㵕瑓晡ⱦ㵏卍㱃搯㹮਍Processing printer : alumni_multi1
Error: DS Object not found: †搼㹮乃愽畬湭彩畭瑬ㅩ伬㵕汁浵楮删汥瑡潩獮伬㵕瑓晡ⱦ㵏卍㱃搯㹮਍Processing printer : alumni_fax1
Error: DS Object not found: †搼㹮乃愽畬湭彩慦ㅸ伬㵕汁浵楮删汥瑡潩獮伬㵕瑓晡ⱦ㵏卍㱃搯㹮਍Processing printer : stusrv_multi2
Error: DS Object not found: †搼㹮乃猽畴牳彶畭瑬㉩伬㵕捁摡浥捩匠牥楶散ⱳ問匽慴晦伬䴽䍓⼼湤ാ
ices.OU=Staff.O=MSCProcessing printer : stusrv_fax2
Error: DS Object not found: †搼㹮乃猽畴牳彶慦㉸伬㵕捁摡浥捩匠牥楶散ⱳ問匽慴晦伬䴽䍓⼼湤ാ
ces.OU=Staff.O=MSCProcessing printer : dos_multi1
Error: DS Object not found: †搼㹮乃搽獯浟汵楴ⰱ問䐽慥晏匠畴敤瑮ⱳ問匽慴晦伬䴽䍓⼼湤ാ
It repeats the Error: DS Object not found with the unicode characters after it for every other printer except the first two. This is also consistent regardless of what the first printer is or which iPrint service I am preforming this on.

I have verified that there are no strange characters in any of the printer objects or in the context. It exports all the printers just fine with the exception of ACLs. I am running the nlm from the iprint migration tool version 6.2.20100521-0.6.1. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks