DMZ Proxy Server: iPlanet on W2K with Websense installed (dont ask me
about this part)

Secure LAN Proxy Hierarchy: 2 * BorderManager 3.6 with ICP parents
configured to be the iPlanet servers
Attached ICP BMs in the branch offices with the 2 3.6 BMs running in the
secure LAN

Using Craigs tuneup.ncf, proxy.cfg
Both Persistant Connections enabled
* excluded from caching

After a fresh start of my 2 BM serves using proxy -cc i have a working
windowsupdate functionality.
Running 1+ hours at one point i get the error message 0x80072F76 when i
try to access windowsupdate (connecting directly to the two iPlanet
servers still works)
Unloading proxy and doing a proxy -cc will solve this problem again

Using the current 3.7 proxy file from the 19 februar 2004

Anyone has an idea what i could try to improve this? Everything else is
running correctly and i have no other issues with my proxy configuration
so far.

Thanks for any idea