We have problem setting up CSR on our environment. Our environment has 2 PS and 27 satellites, one for every town we have offices. The network connection should not be a problem. Every satelliteis configured with an ip of 10.X.X.33. and on the same location a directory server that is pointed out in the authentication role on every satellite, first the local ds and then some other as backup. Every satellite has all the four satellite roles assigned and rsync is set between all servers to replicate the content in imaging folder. The novell-proxydhcp is started and chkconfiged.

We have tried to exclude the closest default rule and configured a csr like this, to use local town1 satellite, PS1, PS2 to use local town2 satellite, PS1, PS2 to use local town3 satellite, PS1, PS2

Is this done bad or should this actually work? If "bad", then how should it be done?