Okay i thought i would give zcm 10.3 a second chance,
so i graped a server and installed a fresh windows server 2008 on it.
so far so good.
i promoted a domain on that server and called it test.

Then i took a windows xp and installed that on a new computer and joined it to a domain so i new it was working.

After that i installed ZCM 10.3 on the windows server 2008 evry thing seems too install ok .

So far so good.

Then i installed the Agent on the XP computer and that to installed fine untill i rebooted the XP and then i couldnt get pass the novell agent login..

"Credentials or server cert. error" ( or something like that )

i realy dont get it why does that error show up on a fresh install of windows server and zcm and xp.

Novell PLEASE TEST YOUR PRODUCT before selling it.

There are no extra software installed on either server or the XP computer.
So its deffently a NOVELL ZCM 10.3 error .