I can't get my cabinet to sync to my iPhone anymore. The first time it worked fine, but after I changed the sync-time from 1month to no limit, I can't get any messages to the cabinet anymore.

Also all the rules that I had don't work anymore, ie if I had a "Work" rule that put all the messgages where the sender was to Work-folder in my Cabinet, they do now come to my inbox instead of cabinet.

The third problem is that it seems that the sync somehow deleted all my old messages, I haven't got any longer a single messge in GWclient that is older than one month.

1. No messages in Cabinet
2. Rules not working, messages that should go to Cabinet show up in Inbox
3. Old messgages dissappeared from Groupwise (Client and webmail)

Everything worked in the beginning just fine, when it synced messages up to 1month old. Then suddenly my phone said the connection to server failed, and after creating my account again in iPhone and dss the problems begun.

Any ideas?