Client 2.0.sp1.IR2
Windows Vista 64 bit
Windows 7 64 bit
Autodesk Mechanical 2010

When ACAD.EXE is trying to access a certain path on an OES2-LX cluster volume, it
reports back, that it cannot access the required file.

Steps to reproduce:

ACAD Cmd-Line (STRG+9, not F9 get's you the command line), Right Mouse Click,
Options, last Tab: "AM settings", button "System" ->

Tree: Acad/M, Library, Usr, Library -> Path = h:\daten\....

to open the custom library, enter "MALIBRARY" into the ACAD.EXE command line.

See screenshot for the process monitor output.

I can take a LAN next week Tuesday, today this isn't possible, as no workstation is
currently free.

Regards, Rudi.