We are running BM38SP1a on a NW6 platform as our caching server, we have
enabled the FTP proxy and enabled Single Sign On for user authentication
on NWAdmin.

We have then enabled FTP Proxy in our users browsers (tried in IE,
Mozilla & Netscape) to use the BM servers. However when we go to
ftp://ftp.site.com/ and check using 'netstat' on the workstation the
workstations are going direct to the FTP site and not through the BM
servers. Any good reason for this? The description of the FTP proxy
does say '.... when users use pure FTP clients' - does this mean it
won't work within a browser?

Secondly ... when I check on the server console on the Proxy
Configuration Console I see that FTP Auth is disabled not enabled. Why?
I have stopped and started all the BM services incase this had an
affect, which it didn't.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.