Hello All;

I have a client running NW5.1 SP5 and BM 3.5 SP3, PROXY.NLM V3.61e March 19,2002. Also have Dynamic and Static NAT running. The one static NAT goes to an W2K server (secondary IP address). The FTP Accell is on main public IP address.
Im trying to use the FTP Acceleration to a Maximizer MaxExchange V7.5 server which uses FTP to synchronize remote clients. Setting the MaxExchange server is easy, and a remote client connecting to the server directly (on the local LAN) works no problem. Now using Remote client through BM FTP Accell gives a failed connection.
For testing;
If a W2K FTP client is used to connect locally to the MaxExchange server, login is successful, do a 'ls' and receive a listing.
If W2K FTP client is used to connect through the BM FTP Accell, login is successful, but when a 'ls' is performed, I receive a 209 error as noted below.
200 PORT command successful
209 (,10035) Connection closed by remote host.
Unload the BM filters and still receive the above message. Turned off BM access rules and still receive the above message.

Any help? Suggestions?
Has anybody got FTP Accell to work with Maximizer MaxExchange V7.5 server?

A note on the Maximizer knowledgeable states 'Packet transfer between the Remote and Server is performed using a port range of 10035 and 11315.' Their Reference # 010523-000003. This is the same information my client has with their documentation.