Hi all: I have a simple bash script that runs a rsync job to sync up our data to a server in a branch office. The script runs just fine. To test how it would function in cron I placed the file in /etc/cron.hourly and it ran perfectly once an hour. Great. I then moved the script to /etc/cron.daily so it will run each day. However, I have no joy. I checked the file permissions and all if correct.

Based on the above I have a few questions.

1. Other than timing, is there any other fundamental differences between cron.hourly and cron.daily?

2. It seemed that on my server the hourly jobs kicked off on the half hour. When does cron kick off daily jobs (given default settings)?

3. How does cron decide when to kick off? Are there settings to control the time?

Thanks for the help, Chris.