I need clarification on the following:

I have 128 directories spanned across 3 x 7Gb drives - in effect 42
directories on each volume. I will be increasing this to 384 so that each
volume has 128 directories.

Can anybody enlighten me as to how these directories are written to? Does
one directory fill up and then move to the next directory etc. or all
directories written to? Do the directories fill up until they reach 7GB
capacity and then start overwriting? Are all three volumes written to

The main problem that is being experienced is that the individual cache
volumes are filling up, and not overwriting automatically. I find that I
have to run proxy -cc every few weeks. I have read and implemented most of
TID 10018669.

Also, should I be running any antivirus scanning on the cache volumes?

Thanks in advance for any information!