Hi Preston, hi all,

I'm back again and still doing archive. To get rid of IMAP (I use it to
download the messages), I'm switching over to stream down the items
using the HTTP stream interface. One of the guy I met last BrainShare
gave me the final hint to get it running. And it runns amazingly fast.


I already streamed down some thousands of items. And now I hit one,
that blows up the POA. The message in /var/log/messages is:
gwpoa[10409]: segfault at 00000000f2effa000 rip 00000000f627c213 rsp
00000000f2ef1cb8 error 4

Server is a OES2SP1 (SLES10 Sp3) x86_64, GW is 8.0.1HP from January,

I tried to access that item from the GW-Client - no problem. There may
be a problem with the mailbox - I'll do a GWCheck later.

But even the worst problem in a mailbox should absolutely not crash the
POA !!!!

Imagine, what my customers will say, when I crash their production
systems. The will blame it to my product, not to GroupWise..

Any help ??