Posting a new thread as I have failed to locate an identical problem elsewhere on the forums.

I have an individual PC that keeps popping up with 'LDAP Contextless Login: No LDAP Server specified' at login.

If a username and password has been entered, then after clicking 'OK' on the error box, login proceeds as usual into Windows rather than going back to the Novell login.

Windows XP Pro, 4.91 SP5, Zenworks 7

LDAP Contextless Login is configured in exactly the same way as on over a hundred other workstations on which it is working without errors (ghost image, and have gone in to recheck that settings have not changed). This specific workstation has previously been working without errors. It is not impossible that the error appeared with a Windows update, although this is not certain. However, other stations have also had these same updates applied without problems (without Novell problems, anyway).

I have uninstalled Zenworks and the Novell client, restarted and then re-installed, without any noticable change.

Were it not a public station I'd be inclined to just ignore the error, as it does not seem to have any additional effect other than a beep and having to click an extra box to log in. However, we have already had numerous support desk calls about it, so leaving it is not an option.

Where should I look next?