Latest version of OES is OES2-SP2(SLES10-SP3).
SLES11 is out, but OES2 doesn't run on this.

I've heard very little about OES-future. Are Novell working on a new OES3, or will it only be bug-fixing OES2-SP3?

I've installing OES2-SP2 in testlab and i see things that need allot of improvements. To set up an OES2 on Linux is a huge work and there is some serious issues to deal with. First the choose of filesystem. SLES10 is installing with RaiserFS as primary filesystem. As many know Raiser is not developed anymore and its recomanded to use ext3. Not many Netware-admins with little knowledge of Linux know this and use default settings insted. Then the use of NSS that is not an easy way to setup. NSS is recommanded for home-dirs other traditional Netware-services. Its to complicatet and should be includet in standart SLES Partition Manager.
What i see is the gap between Linux(SLES) and OES is to big. SLES is living on its own and the same with the OES2-addon. Best example is how YOU want to update server-OS. "move-to-SLES10-SP3" came long before "move-to-OES2-SP2" and OES-admins that doenst know about issues about versions that is working with OES and may execute update of SLES that will breake the whole OES-server. Why didn't Novell fix YOU so it only show leagal updates such "move-oes2-" and only this?

I really hope Novell remove this gap og integrate OES in SLES, so when we install OES2 it is all integrated in primary installation and set it up as recommanded including automatic setup of "Domain Service for Windows".
Dont't use SLES in a way that it seems like its a separate product. Make OES in one packages and call it OES and make the installation-wizard so it install OES and not SLES. Only then it can replace Netware. Netware 6.5 SP8 is so good that its crazy to not support it anymore!

So what is the furure of OES?