I have an unusual issue (don't we all!) I have 2 BM servers, one on NW6sp4
running BM3.7sp2 behind a Cisco PIX Firewall connected to 1 DSL line. It is
only used as a Proxy. Everything appears to work okay on this one. The other
is on a NW6sp4 running BM3.8 behind a WatchGuard Firebox 1000 Firewall. This
BM is being used as a Proxy and I am evaluating SurfControl with the
intention of purchasing licenses this summer. Here's the problem: when a
user surfs the web, 1. some or all of the pictures within the web pages will
not appear or 2. they may get a message "page not found" or 3. they may get
a perpetual loop; i.e. click any link on the site and the same page you are
looking at keeps coming up. I know for certain this is not an issue with the
Internet client since I can switch to the other proxy and everything works
fine. I have cleared the cache on more than one occasion. The problem seems
to have appeared either after installing SurfControl or NW6sp4- I'm not
sure. SurfControl is the most current version. BTW- I upgraded to BM3.8 to
see if this would fix the problem and it didn't. Any suggestions
Richard G.