I've been playing with this recently, reading craig's tips on the proxy.pac,
etc. I created a wpad.dat file, placed in on the root of the intranet
server, made a dns entry for "wpad", but its functioning seems intermittent.
It seems to work ok for desktops, but not for laptops (??), and I'm not
quite sure why that is.

one thing is that the laptops I've tested it with all have wireless cards in
them, and they often connect to wireless routers in the neighborhood.
wondering if that has anything to do with anything.

Also, I noticed in some of the tips on configuring wpad, they say if you
direct your browser to http://wpad/wpad.dat, you should get prompted to
download the file. I don't. the browser just opens the file, and displays

I'd like the IE defaults to just "work", which is why I'm pursuing wpad.dat,
instead of proxy.pac. and unless I'm misunderstanding things, "proxy.pac"
is for when you either have an MS dhcp server (which I don't), or want to
manually point the browser to a config page (which I don't).