Hi !
I am facing problem while backing up data from Novell NetWare 6.5 SP8 using Symantec BackupExec 12.5 SP3.

Earlier I was using BackupExec 8.5 loaded on NetWare 6 SP5 server. Remote agent version 9.2 build 1401.3 was used for second NetWare 6 SP5 server. The backup was working fantastic.

Recently added 3rd NetWare 6.5 SP8 server into the network with SYS volume on local disk and other data volumes on SAN (HP EVA 4400). Symantec 12.5 SP3 on Windows 2003 SP2 implemented. Remote agent for NetWare version 9.2 build 1401.6 is installed on two of NetWare 6 SP5 and one NetWare 6.5 SP8 servers.

When taking Incremental backup (Using archive bit option), generally observed that it takes kind of FULL backup from NetWare servers.

While checking found that though the files are not modified (contents) and showing the modified date and time stamp of previous days, they are being backed up in Incremental backup.

This happens for all 3 servers for random volumes. More it happens for NetWare 6.5 SP8 server (where it backs up all data volumes of this server) and for few volumes/files on NetWare 6 SP5 servers.

Actions Taken:
1. Applied all fixes for BackupExec.
2. Disabled Antivirus application running on NetWare 6 servers.
3. Took sample FULL backup of SYS volume on NetWare 6.5 server(as it is on local disk and not on SAN), modified some files on SYS and then took Incremental backup of SYS - this took only modified files.
4. Tried with the switch /skipMetaDataArchive while loading TSAFS.NLM (6.51.01). After making change on restarting the server, suddenly all volumes dismounted and server again restarted. BESTART.NCF is being executed through AUTOEXEC.NCF as last command.

As of now not loosing any data, but incremetal backup occupies around 350 to 425 GB which consumes tape resources unnecessarily and the backup window increases.

I will appreciate the help to resolve this issue.

I have reported this problem to Symantec, but after 7 days there is no result.

Thanks and Regards