I have two brand new and fully patched SLES10 / OES nodes attached to a SAN. Multipath is fully operational, and all HBA's are functioning.

I have configured friendly names on multipath, and enabled all the devices for clustering. The SAN has been broken into seperate LUN's no bigger than 1.8tB.

The problem occurs when I install NCS. Initially I am hit with the following problems

evms-ha-2.5.5-24.72.1.x86_64 conflicts with other resolvables
evms-ha-2.5.5-24.72.1.x86_64 conflicts with: novell-cluster-services-[OES2-SP2-Updates]
Conflict Resolution:
( ) delete evms-ha
delete evms-ha-2.5.5-24.72.1.x86_64
( ) do not install novell-cluster-services
do not install novell-cluster-services-[OES2-SP2-Updates]
( ) Ignore this conflict of evms-ha
pattern:ha_sles-10-51.51.9.x86_64 cannot be installed due to missing dependencies
There are no installable providers of evms-ha for pattern:ha_sles-10-51.51.9.x86_64
Conflict Resolution:
( ) delete ha_sles
( ) Ignore this requirement just here

So, I initially chose ignore for both options and the cluster came up fine. I was also able to join the second node to the cluster and all seemed to be going smoothly. iManager allowed me to manage the cluster, and then I set about trying to create a shared resource.

NSSMU was no longer functioning, and kept giving segmentation errors, and iManager was no better. I could not even list the devices anymore

So, my first query... why was YAST reporting problems during the initial install, and what is the correct choice to get around them, and secondly, should I be using EVMS, and if so.. at what point.. before NCS is installed or after.