Im trying to get the birthday from a contact. I get almost all information by using the code below. What im missing is the birhday and the user defined fields.

How do I get them?

Thanks, Daniel

Dim objApplication As New GroupwareTypeLibrary.Application2
Dim objAccount As GroupwareTypeLibrary.Account2

objAccount = objApplication.Login()

If objAccount IsNot Nothing Then

'For each addressbook
For n = 1 To objAccount.AddressBooks.Count

'for each AddressbookEntry
For i = 1 To objAccount.AddressBooks.Item(n).AddressBookEntries .Count

'For each Item
For a = 1 To objAccount.AddressBooks.Item(n).AddressBookEntries .Item(i).Fields.Count

MsgBox(objAccount.AddressBooks.Item(n).AddressBook Entries.Item(i).Fields.Item(a).Name.ToString)