I have two different clients where this problem has happened. After patching the NetWare server to SP8 and then upgrading GroupWise 7.03 to 8.01hp1, WebPublisher is broken.

I receive this error when accessing the Webpublisher screen:
Compile Error: start.htt: Line 1: Unable to open file: start.htt. Cannot load file: start.htt.

I have reinstalled with no improvement. I finally removed all of the webaccess related objects in ConsoleOne, deleted all of the tomcat 4 groupwise and //sys/novell/groupwise directories. I then reinstalled webaccess and it worked. Once! Subsequent accesses are giving the same compile error as before. I have also copied the start.htt template from the installation source to the webpublisher templates/css directory with no improvement. The webpublisher logs don't help. They just echo the problem that we are seeing with the web browser.

The knowledgebase contains some related compile references but nothing that I have found either applies here or fixes the problem.

Has anybody encountered this problem? Since it has happened at two different sites and both of them with similar configurations, I suspect a bug in the webaccess/webpublisher installation program but I don't know where to go from here.

When I was able to get in after the reinstall, I went into the about screen. That url was still in my web browser so I tried it and it worked so I know Apache is working.

We have considered installing the GW8sp2 beta in the hope that Novell has fixed this problem.