I've searched for this supposed bug and also checked change logs of patches, but couldn't find anything about this. I've been testing adding appointments to GroupWise through SOAP and every type of appointment seems to go correctly, except for bi-monthly (or multi-monthly) appointments on a certain day of the month.

Message I'm sending (from C#) for an appointment that should occur bi-monthly on every 19th of the month:

- appointment
    - start date: 19-06-2010 11:00:00
    - end date: 19-06-2010 12:00:00

    - rrule:
        - byDay: null
        - byMonth: null
        - byMonthDay: sbyte { 19 }
        - byYearDay: null
        - count: 10
        - countSpecified: true
        - frequency: Monthly
        - frequencySpecified: true
        - interval: 2
        - intervalSpecified: true
        - until: (empty: mindate)
        - untilSpecified: false

Dates I'd expect to be generated are: 19th of June, August, October, December, February, etc.

Dates that are actually generated in GroupWise 8 calendar: 19th of June, July, September, November, January, March etc.

The weird thing is that this only happens with the monthly recurrence, and only when an interval greater than 1 is selected. Bi-yearly / multi-daily etc all work fine.

Also, I've seen weirder results even, starting a bi-monthly appointment at 31st of July results in occurrences in the months of:

- July (correct)
- August (wrong)
- October (wrong, but consistent I guess...)
- December (wrong, but consistent)
- January (right, but now INconsistent)
- March (right)
- May (right)
- July (right)
- August (wrong...)
- October (consistent again?)

Is this a (still open?) bug or was there a fix for this somewhere that I missed? Or am I missing something else here? Thanks in advance.