First, a bit about my setup. Locally I have a netware 6.5 SP8 server on its own hardware. It serves as an edir server, file server and web server for home directories. It basically has two nss volumes, one which has home directories for staff and the other for students.

We now own a share in an offsite vmware vsphere cluster. I have created a suse 10 sp3 server on it running OES2 sp2. I have integrated it into the tree, and assigned it as a directory replicate. I have also created matching nss volumes on this server which will soon act as the file server. All is working.

My intentions are to migrate the files and folders the volumes on the new sles server. I would like to keep the NW6.5 server in production for the time being as a local copy of the directory and to easy migration.

I have a couple of questions on web serving and file migration...

We currently have apache configured on the NW server using the mod_edir module. Every user has the public_html directory in their home folder, which is live to the web.I have read all over that apache on sles cannot perform this option for us. Are there any alternatives for this that I should know off? Since the NW server is staying around, can it be configured to carry on using mod_edir and point to the home drives on the remote nss volumes once the files are migrated?

Since the link between my site and the off site cluster is a bit slower I am looking for options on migrating the files. Are there alternatives to migrating the volumes other then the migration utilities? I have been thinking about restoring the files to the new volumes from tape backup. Does this sound possible? How would I move permissions from one file server to the other? It is my understanding that once the data is on the new server, I can change user environments to reflect that change. Basically change the name of servers from old server to new, and every user will then point to the home dir on the new server.

It is my understanding that the volumes are offline when using the migration utilities. Is it possible to migrate a few of the home directories at a time, to split up the move over a few days? Will the volume remain active on server 1 while the migrated users become active on server 2?

Any advice, comments at all would be helpful.