Currently on ZCM 10.2.2. Use to be on ZDM 7.

We force everyone to utilize a proxy server and to use IE 7 or IE 8. For internal web sites, this necessitates the use of a proxy override reg hack that we push. It's set to launch on user login. We seem to have an issue when a "new" user sits down at the machine and logs in. They are unable to get to the internal web site. If a verify of the reg hack is done and they re-open the browser, we are golden. This reg hack used to work beautifully when we were on ZDM 7 and it was set to force run.

It seems to me that the registry keys are already cached on the workstation and the "app" is not being refreshed when a new user logs in.

Has anyone experienced this or have any suggestions on how to alleviate?