Hi Preston, Hi all,

I have another problem: One of my customers has GW8.0.1HP running on
NetWare 6.5 (current service pack) and wants to archive with my
The have several mailboxes where allways the settimestamp request
produces the empty response document.
There is another strange thing: At the beginning of a poll on a mailbox
I do:

login (TA)

read users entry from System Address Book

read timestamp

Create Cursor with a filter by date

Read cursor

For some mailboxes this needs 0.1 seconds.

For others the server needs about 30 seconds. The mailboxes that cause
the empty document problem, the server needs up to 60 seconds for a
response. The cursor is allways empty, the query was for a time range
earlier than system install.

Novell Support (server group and GroupWise group) has already inspected
the server and found nothing. The database has also been gwchecked some
times with all combinations of options.

Tomorrow we will move to 8.0.2 ....

Any Ideas ?