I have a customer whose email is hosted by a service provider. They wanted to bring it in-house but couldn't do it right away. The customer was using Outlook (POP3) to retrieve email.

  • I installed GroupWise 8.0.0 server.
  • I installed GroupWise 8.0.0 clients.
  • For each user, I setup the GroupWise client to run in Remote/Caching mode
  • I used Advansys Formative to transfer each user's Outlook email to GroupWise.
  • I created a POP3 account in the GroupWise client so each user could continue to retrieve his/her email from the ISP.

We ran like this for six months. The net effect was that we swapped the GroupWise client for the Outlook client. Now, it is time to bring the email in-house. How do I transfer users email from the desktop to the server?

  • In Caching mode, the user's mailbox is full.
  • In Online mode, the user's mailbox is empty.

I assumed that when in caching mode, any additions to the mailbox/folders in the Remote/Caching database would be synchronized with the server. Apparently I was wrong.

Any suggestions?