Hey there

I could really need your...

Since some Hours I can't get our BM-Server to work again...

Following Set Up:

************************************************** ************************
NetWare 5.0SP6 BorderManager 3.6SP2 - HTTP Proxy, Mail Proxy, FTP Proxy,
NAT Router and Firewall
having 3 Interfaces, LAN, PUBLIC, DMZ

The NW5 Box is working as MailProxy and takes the Mails coming from the
Internet. It stores them in CACHE:PROXY\SPOOL\INCOMING.
The NW5 Box then putting the mails into the DMZ to our Spam Firewall. The
Spam Firewall sends them into the LAN to our GroupWise 6.0SP4 Server.
Outcoming Mails are sent from LAN direct to NW5 Box to
CACHE:PROXY\SPOOL\OUTGOING. The NW5 then sends the mails to the internet.
************************************************** ************************

Today mails were not delivered, I've found about 500 mails in INCOMING.
Server had a critical and stopped to deliver mails.
Tried to restart server. Now the situation is as followed (working since 6
Hours on that problem):

- server is not booting with plugged in LAN cable (critical error on
startup --> hangs)
- did a sniff on the LAN cable. Didn't noticed any strange IP Packets
- did "set developer option = on" to get some detailed messages about the
critical error. It reported a "iSMTP Process" to cause the error residing
in server.nlm or proxy.nlm
- got sometimes "Free detected corrupt trailing redzone for node
0xCCD5E4C0, node size 2296" and "Free detected corrupt preceding redzone
for node 0xCCD5EDC0" on the console
- did a vrepair on CACHE. No errors found
- moved all mails from INCOMING to another directory
- plugging in LAN cable AFTER successfull boot without loading brdsrv.nlm
seems to be stable (working since 40min in this state...)
- with plugged in LAN cable Server seems to wait for a long time on
loading SLPTCP.NLM (about 30sec)

Sooo...you see weird situation. Any Ideas what could cause this errors?
What the heck is "iSMTP"? Is this the engine that's used to put/store

Thanks for any help!

hopefully, Raffael