we've now installed the third release of Datasynchronizer...
No one of these three different builds worked fine. Okay, it's a beta (alpha ?), but we hoped that simple mail and calendar sync. should work.

When trying to sync with windows mobile, wm asks for username and password, but NO PASSWORD works ! After a while I've tested it with a blank password on WM, it worked ! In GroupWise I have a password, but the WM Device sync's without. Trying to sync some minutes later again, doenst work at all.. Tried with password, tried without password.. Nothing works.

I'm really frustrated ! Now we're waiting since september 2009 for a new sync software. Now it's JUNE !

The old GroupWise Mobile Server have problems too. WM 6.5 devices works for a while without problems and after some weeks the problems beginns.

I've always loved GroupWise, we're using it since over 12 years with round about 1000 users. But syncing with mobile devices was always not so easy.

The problem is, that some users and kolleagues from the management looks forward for exchange...

It could happen that groupwise 8.x was the last version for us. And problems with mobile devices does not advantage groupwise vs. exchange.

Hope that the final release of Datasynchronizer will be released as soon as possible otherwise I really dont know what I should tell our users.