I have two dedicated "core" BM37 servers, with the patches, proxy.cfg
and tuneup.ncf as specified on Craig Johnson's web site.

I have one small issue, however. These core BM servers have 4 gigs of
RAM each, but does not appear to utilize it. What leads me to this
conclusion is the "proxy memory usage statistics" in the proxy console
shows "Total Allocated Memory" hovering around 20 megs. Also, on the
one server I am looking at now, the diry cache buffers are bobbing
around 25k, and the cache hits are at 11% after 45 minutes of uptime
(after transmitting just over 2 gigs of data.) The other server, which
currently has 3 days of uptime has transmitted 110 gigs of data, and the
cache hits are at 22%. The memory usage on this server is up to 66
megs, after 3 days.

These servers are dedicated to BorderManager - how can I make BM take
(almost :-> ) all of the available RAM for the proxy cache and not have
to hit the disks as much (I would prefer not to hit the disks at all, as
we have plenty of bandwidth to spare... but I've not been successful
with that yet.)

Any ideas?