We are able to discover the devices and 90 percent of the time they resolve correctly with a (user friendly) host name instead of the IP address. but some times they just keep coming in as the IP address. We have checked the following from the Zenworks Server using NSLookup of the IP address works ok using NS Lookup of the DNS Host name is ok. Ping is ok. If we look at IPconfig /displaydns that shows the ip address being resolved with the DNS Host name but it still shows as the Ip address. We have flushed the cache on the server but not joy. Can anyone throw some light on what can\could be the issue as it just upsets me not having a uniform showing of DNS Host Name rather then a mixture of IP address and DNS Host name. And if we deploy the agent that works ok as well but it still shows in the Devie bundle as the IP address and ideas

John Nash