Here are a list of the fixes that went into the Mobility Refresh build posted yesterday.

Data Synchronizer Fixes in June 17 Refresh

533406,"Usability: There should be a redirect configured from http://xx:8080 to https://xx:8080."
539713,"Need support for Smart Forward and Smart Reply"
541152,"Unable to retrieve email message body when message body is bigger than 64k"
542715,"Accepting and Declining appt need to support other parameters such as comments, and recurrence."
546939,"GdAdmin: Need the ability to use a legitimate (not self-signed) SSL cert"
551120,"Need programatic way to get sync engine and connector versions."
555893,"Add a help link from the Web Admin console to the product doc site"
560358,"Problem with an embedded email display name"
560595,"Web Admin console should display software version of engine and each connector"
560636,"Contacts don't sync from Apple to Nokia"
563987,"AS connector doesn't sync GW ABs to categories"
565204,"Hover box for stop connector button says ""Start Connector"" when connector is running"
568536,"Adding group to connector randomly populate group members in user list of Manage Users tab"
569204,"Add user and add group dialogs need to have a checkbox that allows the admin to automatically set the application username to the comon name (cn)."
569270,"Database driver is not updated if one already exists"
569403,"Error in AS log for every user added if Connector Manager was restarted."
570494,"[RC25] /etc/init.d/datasync should require root"
573383,"Setting the Application Name for a user should automatically check the box to add the user"
578112,"Contacts do not sync after Initial Sync to E62"
578574,"OpenSSL library bug can cause threads to hang"
581121,"Language for web admin pages dynamically selected by user's browser language setting"
582341,"Recurrent Appointments do not sync correctly"
582986,"Palm turns off while it is synchronizing"
585503,"[Samsung i8910 - Symbian S60] Attempting to modify an appointment fails"
585598,"UI for adding application user name is inconsistent."
585828,"Deleting a PAB does not delete the Contacts that it contains"
585837,"User settings get listed twice or more in the GW connector"
585930,"Sync doesn't work if users are in an LDAP group"
586845,"Adding users to mobility connector failing during install"
587134,"Deleting an appointment on WinMobile device doesn't sync to GW"
587567,"Work in Progress items are not syncing to Drafts (or any) folder"
587608,"Moving a distributed appoitment in GW is not handled correctly in the device"
587612,"Confirmations when an Appointment is accepted are handle with ""errors"""
587962,"[Samsung i8910 - Symbian S60] Failed to view folder hierarchy"
588010,"Palm Pre device somehow got into the device list twice."
588187,"Service started before/while users were being added"
588189,"User can't connect into system (ldap auth failure)"
588192,"Dev Rollout: Mobility Connector stopped responding"
588451,"Clarify device port interface in YaST install"
589066,"Modify appointment does not sync from WinMobile device to GW"
591853,"Treo 755p (PalmOS) set to sync 5 address books, only sync'ing the first one"
592454,"appointment modify not working on HTC hero"
592672,"Need a way to configure the SSL Version/disable weak cipher"
592856,"Colors used to define user sync status hard to distinguish for shade blind (color blind) people."
592882,"[Motorola Droid - Android Firmware 2.1-update1, Kernel 2.6.29] Corp Calendar randomly will not sync"
592904,"export the server cert"
593050,"I accepted a recurring appt. Everything worked fine on the device except GW shows the recurring items in my Mailbox."
593332,"MotoQ still sync'ing FC book"
594189,"An error message should be displayed when Admin DN is in blank"
594466,"Icons by ""Device"" name in Data Sync mobility connector pushed vertical with long device name"
594604,"LDAP contexts can be added as groups"
594857,"Emails can not be moved from the device"
595017,"Resync is not working correctly"
595507,"""The System Address Book needs to be refreshed"" occasionally shows up in gw connector log."
596219,"Failed to authenticate with users that containts extended characters from the device"
597029,"Re-selecting PAB in GWC does not show contacts in the device"
597409,"Browse button should be in the Add Windows and not separate"
597416,"Running out of file handles/sockets - connector stops responding"
597488,"Item reads not reliably synchronized from GW to device"
597491,"Item moves are not reliably synchronized from GW to device"
597828,"Deleting a user from ldap group taking forever"
597831,"Birthday do not sync to the device"
597915,"Restarting the DataSync Engine does not Poll LDAP Groups"
597917,"User gets added and is shown in the UI but not in the Mobility Database"
597964,"Initial sync fails if user on mobility connector doesn't exist on gw connector."
598472,"Exception trying to rename system folders"
598706,"Appointment from External Account does not make to the inbox"
598795,"Unable to sync calendar items on a Moto Q"
599237,"Initial sync doesn't succeed after delete and readd of user"
599270,"Distributed Appointment sync twice to the Device"
599315,"Duplicate emails on initial sync for Droid"
599416,"Event configurations are not deleted during uninstall"
599677,"At Mobility pack settings any file is allowed as Certificate"
599697,"Treo 755p will not sync calendar or contacts"
600182,"Move into a folder does not work from the device"
600215,"FC book syncs after delete/readd of user"
600294,"Install Fails if There is a Dollar Symbol ($) Used in the Postgres Password Entered"
600587,"User is added to system but does not get added to mobility db"
600692,"Appointments replicated twice in the device"
600887,"UI issues when opening WebAdmin on IE"
601089,"Notes deleted from device send an appointment to GW"
601158,"Default PAB synced to Contacts folder - folder name on device should match PAB name"
601449,"Stopping Syncengine send an ""Illegal Server Error"""
601453,"""Illegal Server Error"" while initial sync is being performed"
601530,"Mobility connector needs a version."
601740,""""" doesn't seem to be right."
602090,"GAL lookups should not be case sensitive"
602951,"Profile settings should be sorted in alphabetical order"
602996,"reply to message from MotoQ turns the original message to gibberish"
603004,"Setting a user's application user name to blank spaces shows no link"
603059,"Received Message with Display Name of Last, First Causes Reply Oddities with IPhone"
603067,"Application Name Change causes error when connector is offline (groupwise)"
603429,"Only frequent contacts will sync using Touchdown or RoadSync on Nexus One"
603520,"Fake connectors displayed on the WebAdmin UI"
603871,"""Address Book Items"" should be removed from the GroupWise Connector user profile"
603965,"Special Character Emails AS to GW not syncing"
604294,"The initial sync of a user was causing the background thread to stop"
604344,"Monitor User Status displayed an error"
604395,"No contacts sync with HTC Incredible"
604408,"HTC Incredible, no quoted text in sent"
604485,"Dev Rollout: Getting ""Cannot Get Mail"" error"
604779,"Mobility connector does not stop"
604812,"Groupwise connector needs correct version."
604836,"Deleting Notes from Device is intermittently working"
604894,"Problems adding a connector"
604962,"Sort by ""First Name"" is not working correctly"
605284,"[Motorola Droid - Android Firmware 2.1-update1, Kernel 2.6.29] Corp calendar process stops unexpectedly"
606009,"The trace utility is tracking the message id that is common for all recipients. We need to use the record id instead."
606078,"Edit Users settings displayed an error"
606530,"Change in LDAP Poll Interval does not take effect till the end of the older LDAP Poll Interval"
607247,"Modify an appointment in the device keeps the original item"
607296,"Sending an appt to self creates two delete events in the database."
607297,"Contact with Birthday and Anniversary does not sync"
607313,"Delete contact in the device is not syncing"
607332,"Modify contact is not syncing to GW"
607363,"Email in the junk folder isn't syncing to the device"
608715,"ValueError: time data '2010-05-23T15:48:23' does not match format '%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S.%f'"
608767,"Moves not syncing from device to gw"
608825,"Getting duplicate appointments"
608838,"Inbox keeps resyncing over and over"
609124,"Dev Rollout: Initial Sync not completing, system stops responding"
609532,"Contacts not working on Motorola Droid"