I'm in the process of downloading the most recent version of the datasync engine but I'm trying to figure out if the issue that I'm having is related to my mobile device or how my user was created?

I'm using a Sprint Palm Pre, and since this is beta testing I've only set up my account for my testing purposes, so it is the "administrative" account for datasync. I get the following issues:

When I send an email to anyone I the message shows up in my inbox as well as my sent items, and the properties say that I have sent it to myself as well as the recipient.

We use a @mail.mydomain.com address scheme for our organization, and in the <> next to my email address the text is showing as <mail.domain me@mail.mydomain.com>

Finally, when I send messages to accounts outside of my system the From and Replyto fields are blank so there is no identification of who the message is from or way to reply to the message.

I just tested everything with my co-worker's Droid and everything is working correctly, so I'm trying to figure out is this an issue with the Pre and that version, or is it possibly how my account is considered the "administrative" account for the data sync. Thanks!