Just installed a test server with ZCM 10.3, SLES 10.3. Installed Agents on both Windows XP (Client 4.91 SP5) and Windows 7 (Client 2 SP1 IR2) and all was well. Inventory-only agents on Macs working fine.

Then I tried setting some simple Group Policies, e.g. DLU and Remote Management. Now, my Windows 7 login takes 2 minutes from entering the UserID and password to the Windows desktop. During that time the message "Novell Login Successful" displays.

I disabled the polices, then deleted them, then restarted the Zenworks services, but the slow login continued through all attempts to undo whatever I had done.

The one Windows 7 workstation that was installed when I created the policies, still shows them as active, even though the policies have been deleted.

A new Windows 7 workstation with ZCM Agent installed does not show the deleted policies as active, but still has the slow login.

Windows XP workstations (so far) log in OK.

Any ideas what is going on, or what kind of tracing/logging I can do to see what's going on?

Please help!