Since we in cold sweden and some of our neighboors use "strange"
letters, we just discovered a new obstacle with BM.

Using the Swedish or ,
Which are if they look messed up,

A with 2 dots above, then A with a circle above
and O with 2 dots above.

Since a while,, it's been ok to register domains with these letters,
and even though they still are not that usual,, they seem to be
malfunctioning through BM server.

using a name with ( a with 2 dots above )
BM directly responds with bad gateway and the address changed
so the is changed to "%c3%a4"

So,, probably NOT an urgent issue yet,, but,, since the above letters
ARE frequently used in scandinavia, ,my guess is that there will be
more starting to use them also in the webaddresses..